Friday, June 11, 2010

So you think there is no God? Then answer this

It is We Who have created you: why will you not witness the Truth? (57) Do you then see?― The (human semen) that you emit,― (58) Is it you who create it (i.e. make this semen into a perfect human being), or are We the Creator? (59)

We have decreed Death to be your common lot, and We are not to be frustrated (60) From changing your Forms and creating you (again) in (Forms) that you know not. (61) And you certainly know already the first form of creation: why then do you not celebrate His praises? (62)

See the seed you sow in the ground? (63) Is it you that cause it to grow or are We the Cause? (64) Were it Our Will, We could crumble it to dry powder, and you would be left in wonderment (65) (Saying) "We are indeed left with debts (for nothing): (66) "Indeed are we shut out (of the fruits of our labour)." (67)

See the water you drink? (68) Do you bring it down (in rain) from the cloud or do We? (69) Were it Our Will, We could make it salt (and unpalatable): then why do you not give thanks? (70)

See the fire you light? (71) Is it you who grow the tree that feeds the fire, or do We grow it? (72) We have made it a reminder (of our handiwork), and an article of comfort and convenience for the denizens of deserts. (73)

Then celebrate with praises the name of the Lord, the Supreme: (74) Furthermore I call to witness the setting of the Stars― (75) And that is indeed a mighty adjuration if you but knew― (76) That this is indeed a Qur'an most honourable, (77) In a Book well-guarded, (78) Which none shall touch but those who are clean: (79) A Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. (80) Is it such a Message that you would hold in light esteem? (81) And have you made it your livelihood that you should declare it false? (82)

Then why do you not (intervene) when (the soul of the dying man) reaches the throat (83) And while you (sit) looking on― (84) But We are nearer to the dying person than you are, and yet see not (85) Then why do you not if you are exempt from (future) account― (86) Call back the soul, if you are true (in your claim of Independence)? (87)

Thus then, if he (the dying person) be of those Nearest to Allah, (88) (there is for him) Rest and Satisfaction, and a Garden of Delights. (89)

And if he be of the Companions of the Right Hand (people who do good deeds will be given their records of all their deeds in this world in their right hand on the Day of Judgment) (90) (for him is the salutation) "Peace be unto you", from the Companions of the Right Hand. (91)
And if he be of those who treat (truth/the Qur'an) as Falsehood, who go wrong (92) For him is Entertainment with Boiling Water, (93) And burning in Hell-Fire. (94) Verily, this is the Very Truth and Certainty. (95) So celebrate with praises the name of thy Lord, the Supreme. (96)

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I love this part of Surah Al-Waqia.