Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ramadaan & Hilal

A couple of weeks ago, nine Islamic centers in Chicago announced their decision to follow the Fiqh Council of North America regarding the moonsighting. This seems to have caused panic among hardcore moonsighters. There are issuing one fatwa after another with their sole intention to have as many as Muslims  follow naked eye moonsighting regardless they remain divided like east and west.

Why don't these muftis come to live in the present time? Did Allah give them the hijri calendar only for Ramadan fasts and hajj? 

How would they run an airline business if someone told them to use only the hijri calendar? They will have no choice but to use the calendar developed by a Christian leader named Pope Gregory XIII. 

These muftis do not realize how fed up general Muslim population is about this issue.

What is wrong with calculations? After all to start the new month they are still using the formation of the new moon, which is controlled by Allah. All that has happened is that humans have gained knowledge that allows them to determine new moon formation many years in advance. It is the magnificence of Allah's creation that is so perfect that human beings can use it predict the start of the months years in advance.

These muftis say it is just for convenience some people want calculations.  It is beyond convenience now. It is now an issue of unity, which is fard. 

These muftis should ponder on this: If Allah really wanted the months to start on different days in different areas, what area is the privileged area to get the Lailatul-Qadr because I would want to spend that night there and reap the reward of 1,000 months in just that night. Then I would go  to the area where the Lailatul Qadr is on the following night and reap the reward of another 1,000 months. If I got lucky and a cloud cover caused the Ramadan to start late in some area, I could get my third reward of 1,000 months.

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