Monday, September 6, 2010

Qur'an: None can touch it except the purified

I seek refuge with Allah from the Satan the outcast, In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in a Prophet named Abraham, peace be upon him, who lived a few thousand years ago. He was opposed to idol worship by his community. What did his community think was the best way to handle him? The Qur'an in Chapter 21, Verses 68-69 tells us that:

They said, "Burn him and protect your gods if you do (anything at all)!"  We said "O Fire! Be you cool, and (a means of)) safety for Abraham!"

There are some people who have set Sep. 11, 2010 as "International Burn the Qur'an" day. These people need to understand that the Qur'an says in the very beginning (Chapter 2, Verses 2-4):

This is the Book in which there is no doubt. It is a guidance for the God-conscious people who believe in the Unseen, establish worship, and spend in charity out of what We have provided for their sustenance; who believe in this revelation (the Qur'an), which is revealed to you (O Muhammad) and the Revelations sent before you (Torah, Psalms, Gospel, etc.), and firmly believe in the Hereafter.

The above verses make it mandatory for Muslims to believe in Torah, Psalms and Gospel and the Prophets Moses, David, Jesus, etc., peace be upon them all. You won't find this in Hinduism or Buddhism or even Judaism, which does not accept Jesus or the Gospel. In fact, the Qur'an makes the following statement about Torah in Chapter 21 Verse 48:

In the past We granted to Moses and Aaron the Criterion (for judgment) and a Shining Light and a Message for those who would do right―

Unfortunately, the "burn-the Qur'an" people do not get it. They should read and try to get the verses 75-81 from Chapter 56 of the Qur'an:

Nay, I swear by the places of the stars -  And lo! that verily is a tremendous oath, if you but knew - That (this) is indeed a noble Qur'an.  In a Book kept hidden, which none can touch save the purified (angels), a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. Would you scorn a scripture such as this?

The Qur'an was not revealed on paper. So the burning of the paper will not eliminate it. Nor was it created by a human being that the death of the human being would end it.

The Holy Qur'an is available on several media: Books, CDs, cell phones, web pages, audio tapes and, to top it all, thousands of people who have memorized it. So these guys need to do much more to achieve their foolish objective.

The Qur'an challenges people with this "burn-the-Qur'an" attitude in Chapter 2, verses 23-24:

If you are in doubt concerning what We have revealed to Our servant (Muhammad, Allah's Blessings be upon him), then produce one Chapter like this and call your witnesses besides Allah to assist you, if you are truthful in your claim. But if you are unable to do so, and you can never do so, then fear the hell fire whose fuel is humans and stones, prepared for the unbelievers.

To disappoint the "burn-the Qur'an" group further, let me quote a few verses here.

Allah says about the Qur'an in the Qur'an Chapter 15, Verse 9:

We have sent down the Reminder, and We will preserve it.

Allah says about Islam in the Qur'an Chapter 61, Verse 8:

Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light (Islam) (by blowing) with their mouths: but Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).

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